Last revised: August 09, 2016

   Countryway TUESDAY Golf

"This Website is created for a great group of friendly golfers who play golf at Sunrise every Tuesday all year long."

August 09, 2016

TUESDAY Golfer's  FUN Album #13.

CANCELLED: Too many old-timers
set in their ways couldn't adjust
to change and have some new fun!

 Tuesday Golfers will use 1 Club...

Skins Game - Free Food

"Thanks, Steve L. -- & Happy 73rd Birthday!"

...and he releases all memories of 72

Time for 'Homeless Guy's Annual Haircut!

"Homeless Tuesday Golfer Guy" - Annual Haircut has become a national event. This year, at their Annual Convention, in Morehead, NC, the National Barber Schools Union voted to send, not one, but TWO barbers to Tampa for this Annual Event.

Additionally, instructors from barber schools all over America entered a lottery for tickets to observe this annual event.

Sue is again accepting donations (Minimum 50 cents) to help pay
the selected barbers a huge tip for their sacrificial services.

This Annual Event always occurs in the month of March as our own
'Homeless Tuesday Golfer' celebrates his '70-something' birthday.
And, of course his girlfriend, Shugar, always flies in from Baltimore.

'Homeless Tuesday Golfer'   |   The Rest of us...              


'Homeless Guy' Golfer's

Surprise Birthday Party

Girlfriend 'Shugar' waiting for the 'Thursday

Skins' to finish golfing and celebrate!

'Birthday King' STEVE

With Bodyguard, DAVE

Let the Party begin with Party Hats

Jim A., Larry K., Randy B.

___?, John R., 'Birthday King' Steve, Jim A.

DANA joined in too - with her new hat!

Pam D., Pat P., John R.

Larry K. (Dave and Annie)

Ben C., Adrian F.

'Birthday King' Steve - now "72"

Tuesday Golfers Don't Shoot their ages!

"Weight again -- is no problem!"

 Golf In the Comic Strips!



Donations may be made (25 minimum) beginning next week
(12/10/13). Contact Sue for tax-deductible receipt.


"My playing partner is a laptop computer!"

1...Using GPS for distance to the hole?
2. Taking videos of his swing?
3. Doing business at this office?
4. Checking wind velocity?
5. Skyping Charles Barkley for advice on his swing?

6. This guy needs to be locked up...rightaway...
7. Bragging to a buddy that lives up North that he's still playing golf.
8. Proving to his wife that he is actually on the golf course all day.
9. One more round of golf with his buddy who couldn't be there.
10. Checking the World Series score.

11. Using Skype to talk to his golf pro.
12. Saying: "yes, dear, yes, dear" - again and again...
13. He was doing a face-to-face discussion with The Lord of Idiots.
14. __________________________________________
15. __________________________________________


1. "This stuff ain't so great....."
2. "I'd rather have a cold glass of milk..."
3. "Someday we'll be Tuesday Golfers!"
4.  __________________________________________
5.  __________________________________________

6.  __________________________________________
7.  __________________________________________
8.  __________________________________________
9.  __________________________________________
10.  __________________________________________

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