Last revised: June 27, 2015

   Countryway  Golf Club

"This Special Webpage pays honor to our good golfing buddy LARRY KOTKE.
He hasn't been playing golf lately - due to health issues, but his friends were
here today to wish him well. -
(June 27,2015)

Golf Celebrity: LARRY KOTKE

Debbie (tending bar), Larry, Ron M., John, Randy, Pat

Pete, Jim, Terry, Stan

Larry, Pat, Tom, Randy, Ron M.

Randy and Class Clown: Steve 'homeless guy'

Larry, Ron F., John, Pat, Ron M., Tom

  Of these 3, Which one is the best looking?  -- Larry K, of course!

Massage, by Debbie for Celebrity Guest, LARRY

Steve L., John R., Ron M, Steve R.

Thanks to LARRY's delightful daughter, KAREN Compeau and her husband
for bringing Larry to Countryway Golf Club for a special reunion with old friends.


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