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   Countryway TUESDAY Golf

"This Website is created for a great group of friendly golfers who play golf at Sunrise every Tuesday all year long."

"Have an 'after 10 'o'clock Beer!" -  Club Album #8.

  The World's Very FIRST Golfer 
(Courtesy of Ric Wharton)

  Countryway Golf in the News  
(The Tampa Tribune- July, 2013)

TAMPA - Some have been laughing at Jack Nicklaus - arguably the greatest player in the history of golf - and his suggestion that some golf course developers start building 12-hole courses instead of the traditional 18.

Golf has gone from a "good walk spoiled" - thanks, Mark Twain - to a plodding round that, even with golf carts, can now be five-hour affairs.

That's where places like Countryway Golf Club come in. Countryway is an executive course with few par-4s and lots of par-3s that run 125 yards or less. It's known as a great course for beginners, but it's also getting a strong reputation as a great course for experienced players who want to work on their short game. The sixth hole - that's the one you can see as you drive along Waters Avenue - is a 90-yard nightmare. There's water on the right that shouldn't come into play, but it's just in the corner of your peripheral vision when aiming for a postage stamp-sized green that has more undulations that any roller coaster at Busch Gardens.

Woody Austin is a Tampa Bay native and won the recent Sanderson Farms Championship in Mississippi, his first PGA Tour win since 2007. Austin spends a lot of time working on his game at Countryway and his short game was impeccable when, with his recent win, he also earned a two-year Tour exemption.

Bill Sherlock is the general manager at Countryway. He plays a decent game but never made a serious run at PGA Tour Qualifying School. He ended up at Countryway 21 years ago and has never left. His passion was ice hockey. According to him, he pretty much backed into golf, becoming hooked on the sport after becoming part of the management team at the fabled Celebration Golf Club in Lake Buena Vista near Orlando.

"My background was business," Sherlock said. "I know how to treat people the right way. For instance, we have great pricing deals here. People like to play here and we take care of our golfers. We have a lot of regulars and we make it easy for them to play, and take care of them when they get here."

Because of the short length of the course - it plays to 3,471 yards from the tips - it draws a lot of newcomers and retirees. It is nicknamed "the shooting range" because a lot of errant golf shots are hit straight into the fairway - even if it is the wrong fairway. Still, it attracts plenty of expert golfers who want to work on their short game. The combination of decent golfers and beginners makes for an eclectic round of golf.

"We have plenty of serious golfers, and plenty of beginners and retired people," Sherlock said. "Everyone who comes out here can have fun. It serves a purpose for everyone."

Sherlock, by the way, has worked his way to around a two-handicap and still gets out whenever he can.

Countryway hosts clinics for the First Tee of Tampa Bay every Saturday at 4 p.m. It's a great way for kids who don't get the opportunity to play the larger, more well-known courses to get a chance to play the game.

"We need short courses like ours to encourage kids and the older people to keep coming out,'' Sherlock said. "A 12-hole course makes sense, but our 18-hole course is short enough for people to get in and out in a couple of hours and work on their game. We have 19 leagues at Countryway, so there must be something to the shorter courses.''


  "Tuesday Talkers about Famous Pros!"

 19th Hole "ChatterBox"  Club

While Tiger Woods was recognized as a skillful golfer, he never scored even one point for being a respectable, worthy, friendly human being.

Since the beginning of golf, there's been an endless list of  USA Professional Golfers that we've grown to admire and Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead are certainly ranked near the top of our list.

Two important names that were brought up after today's round were PHIL MICKELSON and PAYNE STEWART.


Phil Mickelson

On May 7, 2012, Phil Mickelson will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL. (The requirements state you have to be over 40 years old for this honor.) Other golfers of The Class of 2012 include Hollis Stacy, Dan Jenkins, Sandy Lyle and Peter Alliss.

A limited number of 2012 Induction Ceremony & Gala tickets go on sale tomorrow, February 29, 2012. To put your name on a waiting list, visit their Website:

ESPN will televise the ceremony live on Monday May 7, 2012.

Payne Stewart
(January 30,1957 - October 25, 1999)

William Payne Stewart won three majors in his professional career (U.S. Open - 1991 & 1999) and (PGA Championship - 1989). He won the 1999 U.S. Open at Pinehurst No.2. just months before he died in an airplane accident at the young age of 42. At the time of his death, he was ranked third on the all-time money list.

He was always popular with fans, especially for his clothing, and was reputed to have the biggest wardrobe of all professional golfers. He was a favorite of photographers because of his ivy caps and patterned pants, which were a cross between plus fours and knickerbockers.

Payne Stewart was a golfer who had style and found grace, and was always game for a good photo op. Here he posed, Gatsby-like. with flappers.

1987 - Stewart was photographed with Deena the chimp for a cover story about how he finally "got the monkey off his back."

Payne changed his NFL knickers wardrobe depending on what city he was playing in.
Payne in costume as Hollywood adventure star Indiana Jones.
Payne in a black and white for a swing comparison with another stylist: Bobby Jones.

Payne Stewart wasn't always a nice guy, and was sometimes ungracious in victory or defeat.  His caddy noticed a big attitude change as he started reaching out to people.  Baseball pitcher Orel Hershiser was Stewart's amateur partner at the AT & T, and may have been the one who reached out spiritually for Payne. Others say it was the children: Chelsea and Aaron, and his wife Tracey.

Statue of Payne Stewart at the 18th
hole at Pinehurst. (1999 U.S. Open)

1999 South Dakota Learjet Crash

On October 25, 1999, a chartered Learjet 35 was scheduled to fly from Orlando, FL to Dallas, TX. Early in the flight the jet, which was cruising at altitude and on autopilot, gradually lost cabin pressure. As a result all on board were incapacitated due to hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

The jet failed to make a westward turn toward Dallas over north Florida, and continued flying for almost 4 hours and 1,500 miles, until it ran out of fuel and crashed in a field near Aberdeen, South Dakota after an uncontrolled descent.

Golf star Payne Stewart and 5 other people lost their lives, including Bruce Borland, highly regarded golf architect with the Jack Nicklaus golf course design company.

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