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   Countryway TUESDAY Golf

"This Website is created for a great group of friendly golfers
who play golf at Sunrise every Tuesday all year long."

Time for 'Fish Tales'... make that 'Golf Lies' and beer!

"Great BEER Advertisement!"

Patiently waiting for the last team to finish to announce the winners and collect the cash!

3 Octogenarians: John Geary, Larry Kotke and Pat Donelly, and two 'youngsters' and some beer!

"Super-Bowl" Pool time - Pam selling $2 and $5 Squares

Pam's New Assistant: Ric Wharton

This Flag Finishes Our Morning!

"You won't believe this..." -- Jerry

"...Team #2. -- 'Birdied' #1. and 'Bogied' #18."
(Both Par 3's) - Our Team Leader threw away our score card... Don't ask!

But... Team #2. enjoyed a pleasant round of golf with
'first-time-on-Tuesday-golfer' -- pleasant, Jeri-Ann
(She even did better than our 'A' player, Team Leader)
(We won't mention his name, but his initials are Bob Kowalski)

Waiting for Ric to announce the winners!"

The Last Team is back in the cafe...

Keith, Bob, Ric, John, Bob C.

Ric: "Team #2, Where's your score card?"

Finally - "Here are today's winners..."

24-players today - 'Big Bucks!'

"there are two things you can do with your head down - play GOLF and pray."


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