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"This Website is created for a great group of friendly golfers who play golf at Sunrise every Tuesday all year long."

May 03, 2013

TUESDAY Golfer's  FUN Album #4.
T-Shirt/Sweatshirt Album!

("Is that spelled correctly?")

For Tuesday Golfer's Computer Users Only!


2nd Place

Bob K.

"For a cold January 'skins' game"


Joe G.

Steve L

    Bob K.


Jack T.

Tom B.

Bill F.


The Truth about the Pro V1Golf Ball!

No one has a swing speed of 150 mph, including Tiger Woods who is just under 130 mph. Below is a link to a video showing what a golf ball goes through when hit at 150 mph.

1. The Titelist Pro V1 golf ball is a three part ball, but you would need a club head speed of at least 100 mph or more to be able to compress all three stages. If you don't the ball never fully compresses and you don't get the distance out of that the Pro's do.

2. You will get more distance out of a ball that only has two stages of compression.  Try the Titleist NG Tour - more suited to a Tuesday Golfer's swing speed. You can compress it upon impact and can hit it further than the Pro V1.

3. The secret is to NOT buy the most expensive balls out there, because you are actually decreasing the distance you can hit the ball.

4. Unless your club head speed is over 100 mph, which unless you are 21 to 50 years old, isn't going to happen!

Video of ball hit at 150 mph:

The Villages Precision Golf Cart Drill Team

"In case you missed last Sunday's CBS Show featuring The Villages
Precision Golf Cart Drill Team, click on the YouTube Video below!"

The Villages of Florida

If you've never visited 'The Villages' Take a drive up I-75 and you'll see 'The GOLF CART CAPITAL OF THE WORLD' - It's an 'over-55' community (we all qualify) that offers FREE GOLF to residents on it's 28 Executive golf courses and nine 18-hole championship golf courses. (Walk for free, Cart fee if driving - Daily, Monthly or Yearly)

The Villages was designed with 90 miles of cart paths - drive to the grocery store, about 100 dining choices, or on a golf course. You'll find about 50,000 golf carts in the Villages (great gas mileage), but only about 16,000 regular golfers.

Plan a visit to THE VILLAGES and dine in one of their many
gourmet restaurants
(all accessible by golf carts) :

1. Sakura Japanese Restaurant
2. Legacy Restaurant
Havana Country Club
Gator's Dockside
Fiesta Grande Mexican Grill
El Santiago Club
Bonefish Grill
Ay! Jalisco (Mexican cantina), (pronounced "Hi-lees-ko"),
Athens - New York Restaurant
Thai Ruby

Top 10 of almost 100 Dining Choices!

Custom Carts are seen on every street, and range in price from $6,000 to over $20,000 and you can even get air conditioned carts and elaborate stereo systems.

You can have your cart built to include a GPS, and also an "Air Breeze" A/c unit.

When your doctor says your eyes aren't good enough to renew your driver's license anymore, or your kids take away your car keys:  Come on over to 'The Villages' - get a golf cart and continue to enjoy your independence, and have fun at the same time...

There are over 645 Members of the "STREET ROD" Club. Some of the members go back to high school days and "cruise" around The Villages. They also have Poker Runs, Scavenger Hunts, Car Shows and just enjoy driving their unique golf carts.

Video of Drill Team on CBS (5/22/2011):

The Villages of Florida Website:

The Villages 28 (9-Hole) Executive and 9 (18-Hole) Country Club Golf Courses:


New Countryway Golf Carts -- Coming soon (NOT):

"The term 'mulligan' is really a contraction of the phrase: 'maul it again'"

"Golf is like marriage:  If you take yourself too seriously, it won't work,

Anybody golf with this guy lately?

"Golfers who try to make everything perfect before taking
the shot rarely make a perfect shot..."

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