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'15 Minutes of Fame'


  "Man-About-Town: Patrick J. Donnelly!"

"I'm an absolute history buff!"

Pat Donnelly is still enjoying life to the fullest and had another "15 minutes of Fame" on Tampa TV (most of us only get one). Actually it was only about 2 minutes on TV, but still the Fame was there as thousands of Tampa Bay viewers watched and listened to him this morning on

Patrick was interviewed for the video by ABC's Ellen McNamara

More than 2,000 seniors continue their education through program offered by USF  --  by ABC's Ellen McNamara

TAMPA - Education is a gift, and no matter your age, you can always learn something new.

Even though many seniors are retired, more than 2,000 continue their education through The University of South Florida.

Earlier in the week, one group of seniors met for a class at the Tampa Bay History Center.

During the class, differences that led to The Civil War were discussed.

"We talk about cattle, salt, and talk about life in this area during the war and what it was like to be here during the war," Rodney Kite-Powell said.

On display at the center is a map of what Tampa looked like before the war in 1853. The population was just 800. During a tour of the exhibit, Kite-Powell explains what Hillsborough County looked like.

"Hillsborough County at the time, had about 2500 people, and it included all of Pinellas County, and the western part of Polk County," Kite-Powell told the group.

Also on display are guns that soldiers used. Uniforms for both confederate and union soldiers can also be seen.

"If you saw a union military guy, you'd likely see a sailor," Kite-Powell said.

Everything at the center is part of the Blue and Gray in Tampa Bay exhibit.

Patrick Donnelly is one of the students taking a tour, and concentrating in class.

"I'm an absolute history buff," Donnelly said. "I love history of all kinds."

The four week class on The Civil War in Florida is offered by the Oscher Lifelong Learning Institute through USF. It is just one of many classes Donnelly has enjoyed taking.

"This season alone they have 30 choices at least," Donnelly said. "Computer classes, all kind of things that are interesting, especially if you're retired."

The classes cost about $40 and they happen all around the area. Donnelly says it is a small price to pay for lengthening his life.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (Division of USF Continuing Education)

"The OLLI program, the education part of it has extended my life by at least 10 years!," Donnelly said. "I believe keeping the mind fresh also keeps the body and the rest of us fresh!"

ABC's Ellen McNamara

If you want to learn more about the classes offered through USF, you can find information at:

To learn more about the Tampa Bay History Center, go to:


Pat's Recommendation for us 'Older Adults'"

Happiness, great opportunities for joy, purpose, and personal growth happen when we are mindful, when we explore, and when we live in the moment and are open to new experiences and relish the unknown.

Pat has had some great experiences participating in the University of South Florida' Lifelong Learning Institute (A Division of USF Continuing Education), and encourages all of us golfers to try it too. Interesting study groups in the liberal arts, Friday lecture series, day trips and computer classes history classes are available.

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